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9. For any litigations, arbitrations etc. pertaining to operation and services of Jobsomega.com, only the Cochin City Courts shall have the legal jurisdiction.

10. Jobsomega.com shall activate the resumes of the registered candidates, and provide access within 24 hours from the receipt of the payment from the candidate.

11. The resume of the registered candidate shall remain in the Jobsomega.com database for a period of One Year from the date of activation.

12. Jobsomega.com shall provide to the registered candidate free access to their resume at any time, during the tenure of registration for view, updation and processing.

13. Jobsomega.com shall not guarantee to secure job to the registered candidate. The hosting fee charged from the candidate is only for the purpose of hosting their resumes on Jobsomega.com.

14. Jobsomega.com shall not be liable for any false promises like guaranteed jobs, given by the franchisees or any other agencies to the candidates.

15. Jobsomega.com shall not be responsible to the candidates for the terms and conditions of either the employer who appoint them, or placement consultant who facilitates the appointment, through the portal.

16. Jobsomega.com shall not refund the hosting fee under any circumstances once the resume is hosted.