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Jobsomega Products and Services

Job Posting

Posting jobs online with Jobsomega is most cost effective and successful method to get the apt and suitable candidate for any organisation. Comparing to the print and other media, the online job posting is cheaper, has more life, global reach and faster results.

Hot Job Listing

The ideal way to get maximum exposure for vacancies. Employers can post their vacancies with a link to company logo on the Home page of in the Hot Jobs section. This link page will contain job details and option for candidates to apply for that job immediately. Ensures that the right resume reaches the employers. Matching applications are automatically forwarded to the Employer’s email id directly. So instead of taking time for searching the database for the right CV, the employer can contact the candidate as soon as he gets the applications. It also gives a promotion of the company at a very reasonable cost.Price Rates:
For 5 job postings with validity period of 30 days (one month) - Rs 3000 + Service Tax.
For 10 job postings with validity period of 30 days (one month) – Rs.5000 + Service Tax.

Resume Buying

Employers can buy our database for a fixed price based on their requirement and other criteria. The registration process involves payment, hence there are many candidates who submit their resume without completing the procedure and remain unregistered. In the resume buying service the employers are provided with the CVs of unregistered. Employers can thus get thousands of these C Vs of qualified Technical and Non Technical professionals from our database quickly and easily according to their required category which makes it very cost effective.

Price Rates:
For 150 resumes Rs 3000 + Service Tax.

Walk-In Interviews

JOBSHOP provides the facility to conduct the walk in interview directly by the clients in the JOBSHOP on a specific day of every week. The day is pre announced and candidates are alerted through the site regarding the vacancies. This very special system of meeting the required number of suitable candidates, interviewing them and finalising the deal on the spot will make a complete process of selection in the shortest possible time with a reasonable cost.

Resume Registration

The unique feature of is the availability of genuine resumes online. The resume registration is controlled by a fee of Rs. 500/ - per candidate to maintain the seriousness and genuinety of job seekers. Jobsomega is also the premier site that offers free resume search for employers. This, obviously enhance the chance of getting more job offers to the registered candidates.

Validity of Resume registration is one year. The registered candidate has the option to edit and update the resume according to the vacancies posted online.

Resume Development

At we believe that a good resume is a marketing piece, not a document of past history. Each candidate’s identity and personality is reflected in his/her Resume. A panel of expert writers, who listen to the needs of the candidate, evaluate their career background, and strategically position them for career advancement. This service helps not only to prepare a resume but even helps in preparing covering letters and related career documents. Charges for resume development based on years of work experience are as below: Rates for Resume Development are:

0 to 2 years of work experience - Rs 500/-
2 to 10 years of work experience - Rs 700/-
10 Plus years of work experience - Rs 1000/-
For urgent requirements (within 48 hours flat) - Rs 1800/-

Consultancy Package

A product meant exclusively for Recruitment Consultancies wherein they can use the database of for serving their recruitment needs. The jobs will be displayed on the Home Page itself along with their logo. Price Rates:
Upto 50 job postings for a period of 3 months - Rs 10000 + Service Tax.

Advertisement Service / Visibility Service

We are one of the top ranking websites in South India having thousands of candidates and companies visiting our site daily from different parts of the world. Now we offer B2B solutions in the form of Visibility Services or Advertisement Services. A perfect opportunity for various business enterprises to promote the products / services on our pages which their target customers view the most. Tap into these potential customer base through our visibility services and get more business through Price Rates:
For displaying ad on the Home Page - Rs 7500 (including tax)
For displaying ad on the Inner Page - Rs 5000 (including tax)
For displaying ad on the Home Page and Inner pages together - Rs 7500 + 5000 for each inner pages.